Hugh Sheldon – Traditional Tattoo Artist

“This was my second tattoo, and my first time going to Cloak and Dagger. Hugh tattooed my upper arm and I am in love with the design! Honestly a great experience and couldn’t have asked for a better design of my bee and flowers. I’d recommend this tattoo parlour and Hugh to anyone!” ~Rhio Amber

Hugh has been a tattooer for 3 years and has been with Cloak and Dagger since we first opened. He began his journey with the intention of pursuing a career in illustration but upon the completion of his degree, fell into tattooing naturally.

His initial exposure to tattoos was from his love of Blink 182 when he was younger. This idolization quickly developed into a passion that is reflected within his extensive knowledge of tattooing history, techniques and even other artists’ works. He cites Ralph Steadman and Egon Schiele as artists he admires.

Hugh is a Traditional artist. According to him, it is the best and purest style of tattooing as it reflects how a tattoo should look. His style demonstrates graphic and angular pieces with a consistent use of a specific colour palette. He draws inspiration from 80’s album graphics, medieval and folk art.

Over the years, he has built relationships with his clients. Even with several years of experience, he is still willing to learn from the people around him. For Hugh, Cloak and Dagger is an inspiring, hard-working and friendly environment that he looks forward going to every day.

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