Getting Your First Tattoo?

Your first tattoo can be an exciting, amazing experience. And if you’re not sure what to expect throughout the process… it can also be a bit intimidating.

Thankfully, when you’re well prepared and know what to expect by educating yourself along the way… you’ll find your mind is at ease and you can enjoy the process more.

For your first tattoo… be sure to research the following things listed here, because these are 3 of the most essential things to be aware of when getting your first piece of artwork

1. Be Comfortable with Your Tattoo Studio and Choice of Artist

When you’re thinking about getting your first tattoo, it’s important that you’re comfortable with the place you decide to go to as well as the artist you decide to use.

Since getting a tattoo can literally be a pain in the, um… arm, leg, or much anywhere you want it… make sure you choose wisely and do a little bit of researching.

Thankfully, it’s SO much easier to find a shop and artist online these days, so you get one that fits what you’re looking for. You can do your research on a studio and get to know your artist’s work by going on social media and the major review sites.

Check out artwork by specific artists, find designs and pieces you really like and decide which one you want to possibly get tattooed by. Check Facebook, Instagram, and their website to get a better feel of their work.

When you’re enquiring about your future tattoo, ask whatever questions you need to feel comfortable. But, also remember that the artists and shops are pros, have been doing this a long time, and can give you advice on size, placement, design, or colour. So ask questions. Get the tattoo you want… but also be willing to listen to recommendations the artists give you.

Look for artwork that’s got clean, crisp lines and shading that doesn’t look choppy. Plus, the colour should be solid and bright. When looking at black or grey artwork, check for varying degrees of weight in the shading and smoothness.

2. Don’t Let Price be Your #1 Factor in Choosing

The biggest tip I can offer you is, if you want the best experience… please, DON’T go bargain hunting. Sketchy artists who are cheap could mean infections and shoddy work.

I know that money often plays a role in your choice of what you buy. Sure, saving money is one thing… but when you’re talking about permanent art work going on your skin forever… going with the cheapest bid alone isn’t always wise.

If an artist or studios is charging much lower prices than everyone else, chances are they’re cutting corners where you can’t see. You don’t want with anything less than the best quality when you’re talking about having this permanently on your skin.

If your entire choice boils down to just price… you’re better off waiting so you can get a quality piece done by a reputable artist than just going with the lowest price.

3. Check out review sites like Google and read the comments

Because of review sites like Google these days, a good studio isn’t as hard to find as it was 20 years ago.

Reading reviews of parlours and artists on Facebook and Google will help you determine who does good work, at reasonable prices.

Most good tattoo studios have good reviews that are easily found online. You’ll find reviews about specific artists, a studio’s cleanliness or lack of, and other things to be aware of.

This feedback process of people reviewing is why Amazon does so well. Other people will gladly tell you if something is good or not.

By checking out the reviews first and going with a reputable, highly regarded shop as well as artists who have great reviews… you’re so much better off getting a piece you like.