Gabriele Cardosi – Black & Grey Tattoo Artist

Gabriele specialises in the black and grey style, but he also likes to occasionally dabble in colour, depending on what his clients want. His work falls on the more illustrative side of the black and grey spectrum, veering away from ornamental and photorealism in favour of much bolder designs. His pieces are decidedly pronounced yet intricate and detailed at the same time. Above all else, Gabriele constantly pushes himself to make every tattoo he creates as unique as possible – truly one of a kind.

Working primarily in this dark, striking style allows Gabriele to be extremely versatile in terms of the imagery he can create for you. Flipping through his portfolio, you’ll see everything from traditional tattoo designs like skulls, animal heads, and roses to Chicano payasa pin-up girls and classical Japanese figures such as dragons, foo dogs, and hannya masks. His ability to work in numerous stylistic veins makes him an ideal artist with whom to hash out an idea for a new tattoo.

Gabriele draws inspiration from just about everything he does. “I am inspired by some many things,” he explains. “Everything in day-to-day life. Anything illustration based, fairy-tale illustrations, comic books, manga, traditional and classic art.” When he’s not tattooing, Gabriele constantly immerses himself in the world of visual art, attending exhibitions and visiting iconic cultural sites, and it all, in one way or another, finds a way into his work.

If you’re out to get an astounding black and grey tattoo, then Gabriele is your man. Set up a consultation with him, and he’ll create the perfect unique design for you.

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday
11:00 am - 7:00 pm

11:00 am - 5:00pm

Contact Info

34 Cheshire Street
London, E2 6EH

020 7175 0133