Free Yourself and Start Fresh: Get a New Tattoo After Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you having second thoughts about your tattoo? Do you want to know if you can remove an old design to get a new one? You’re not the only one to want to try again – and, fortunately, you can!

Removing your tattoos is easy to do. And, after a while, you can get a new one on the same spot if that’s what you want.

We’ll help you clear any doubts you may have about your tattoo do-over down below.

Can you get a new tattoo after laser tattoo removal?

Absolutely! There’s no reason why you should not get a new tattoo after removing the old one you disliked.

You have to wait for a bit before you get another tattoo on that same spot. The important thing is to know that after your body heals and you settle on what you want, you can start working on getting more body art.

How will the new tattoo look?

Your tattoo will look as good as new. Nobody will even think about the possibility of you having something else underneath on your arm, back, or anywhere else – and you may forget it yourself after a while!

Nowadays, tattoo removal leaves almost no trace of past mistakes. Because of that, your skin will be a blank canvas waiting for an artist to pick up their pen and start creating a new design – one that you will not regret this time.

How soon can I remove my tattoo?

It’s unusual for people to regret their tattoo immediately after getting it – but it can happen. If that sounds like you, you should wait for at least eight weeks before removing it. It’d be better to wait for three months before you do so.

Although three months sounds like a long time to have something you dislike on your skin, it’s important to allow your body to rest and heal before you continue with this procedure.

How soon can you get a tattoo after laser removal?

You have to wait anywhere from two to six months before getting a new tattoo. While two months is the bare minimum, you have to understand the more time you wait, the better it will be.

After removing a tattoo, your immune system will act up for a long time. Because of that, new ink may not settle on your skin for a while.

You have to allow the body to heal, the immune system to calm down, and the mind to relax before getting a new tattoo.

What’s the best way to remove a tattoo?

There are many ways to remove a tattoo – and some are better than others. Fortunately for everyone, technology has progressed a lot over the last couple of years.

You surely want something that will work fast and do a good job. Most importantly, you want to have a clean look after and leave no trace behind.

What you want is to remove your tattoo using the PicoWay Laser. It’s both the quickest and best option in the market today – and one you won’t regret choosing, unlike that old, soon-to-be-gone tattoo.