Our very own Luke Jinks has made Swallows and Daggers top tattoos of 2013 with this take on an Indian Girl Head. The blog post compiles the top 10 most liked tattoos of 2013 based on likes gained on Swallows and Daggers own instagram feed.


Luke reached number 5 and was the only English tattooist to make the list. He joins a list containing great artists such as Joel Madberg (Salvation Tattoo), Rich Hardy (OTR), Jim Sylvia (Unbreakable Tattoo) and Capilli Tupou (Sacred Tattoo).

Luke can be found at Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Parlour, Shoreditch London. For inquiries and bookings please use our bookings form of pop by the studio! 34 Cheshire Street, London. E2 6EH.