Remove Your Unwanted Tattoos

Minimal Discomfort | Fewer Treatments | Faster Results

Minimal Discomfort

Fewer Treatments

Faster Results

Have a tattoo you regret or want to cover up?

Have you considered laser tattoo removal in London, but prices were too high?
Are you searching for a method with fewer sessions and less discomfort?
Do you want to fade an existing tattoo for a cleaner cover up?
Are you worried your colour or black ink won’t fade completely?

Why choose Cloak and Dagger for tattoo removal in London?

As London’s highest rated and most reviewed tattoo shop, we know our stuff when it comes to ink, skin types, and aftercare, whether we’re creating or removing tattoos.

Advanced PicoWay Removal System

The most advanced tattoo removal method out there, PicoWay minimises discomfort while effectively removing even blue and green ink.

Fewer Sessions =
Lower Costs

Dark, stubborn tattoos come off quickly, meaning faster results and lower costs.

Expert Technicians

Get treatment from experts with nationally recognised tattoo removal training in a friendly, sanitised studio.

Minimal Pain & Skin Damage

Worried about pain or scarring? Our PicoWay laser uses photoacoustic shockwaves, not heat, to avoid damage and pain.

Find out how affordable and comfortable laser tattoo removal treatment can be. Get a free estimate and schedule an initial consultation and patch test now.

Special Offer:

Now, laser tattoo removal is even more affordable

Get Started with Unbeatable Savings on Multiple Sessions

Eliminate your unwanted ink with fast, effective PicoWay laser technology.

Here's what you need to know about the Picoway Laser System:

Uses photoacoustic shockwaves, not heat, to minimise damage and pain

Requires fewer, shorter sessions than traditional methods

Effectively removes stubborn tattoos, even blue and green inks

Precision-focused technology minimises risk to surrounding skin

Used by our trained experts, your tattoo (and regrets) disappear in 50% fewer sessions than traditional methods.

Laser Tattoo Removal London

Seeing is Believing: Before & After

At Cloak & Dagger, we believe in transparency and results. We take great pride in the positive changes we help our clients achieve. By carefully documenting every session, we ensure everyone can follow their own progress every step of the way.

Get rid of your tattoo in 3 simple steps


Get an accurate cost estimate based on the location, depth, density, and colour of your tattoo—and answers to your questions.


During short treatment sessions, your tattoo will be removed by experts using PicoWay lasers in a friendly, santised studio.


Start a new design or go tattoo-free as our helpful team members advise you on aftercare.

Tattoo removal doesn’t have to be painful or expensive

Get Affordable Tattoo Removal in London

Very small Tattoos (Up to 3x3cm)

per session


three sessions


six sessions


full removal

Small Tattoos (Up to 6x6cm)

per session


three sessions


six sessions


full removal

Medium Tattoos (Up to 10x10cm)


per session


three sessions


six sessions


full removal

Large Tattoos (Up to 18x18cm)

per session


three sessions


six sessions


full removal

Extra Large Tattoos (Up to 25x25cm)

per session


three sessions


six sessions


full removal

Laser Tattoo Removal London