Geometric Tattoos

The geometric tattoo style is simple and bold, making use only of geometric shapes and lines, and drawing much of its inspiration from tribal cultures and sacred patterns found in nature. Some of the most popular images in the geometric style are spirals, circles, nautilus shells, the flower of life, and the Gordian knot.

Many geometric tattoos draw upon deep meanings, such as those found in Sacred Geometry, which refers to shapes and patterns that are found in nature, and therefore perfectly symmetrical. For example, a cube symbolises earth, a tetrahedron symbolises fire, an octahedron symbolises air, an icosahedron symbolises water, and a dodecahedron symbolises spirit.

Some people believe that tattooing geometrical shapes on certain parts of their body will bring them good health, either physically or spiritually, as well as acting as amulets or talismans for protection.