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May 22, 2016
by Nicola
JacK Goks tattoo

Had a great experience at Cloak and Dagger – really friendly staff and Jack who did my tattoo was lovely. The finished design is amazing, I’d highly recommend this studio.

May 19, 2016
by John
Anchor tattoo

Had a anchor tattoo done by Luke tonight,fantastic work with great colours,all staff very friendly, great experience altogether, will be back.

Apr 29, 2016
by Isabela
First Tattoo

After considering to have tattoo done for a few years….I have finally decided to get one. I went in for my first tattoo today – simple design on my wrist – done by Davide. He went through everything very clearly with me before the tattoo to set my mind at ease also very helpful about aftercare. I’d recommend to anyone, whether a first-timer or not. Grazie mille 🙂

Apr 19, 2016
by Leanna Lucas
First Tattoo

I had my first tattoo done by Jack. The guy at the reception was really friendly and Jack was a delight! He had my design ready for me and took so much care and detail with it. I love it more than anything in the world and now i’m planning more. Jack did my tattoo in under two hours and was super understanding about my choice of aftercare. Thanks so much for my fox tattoo, I’m sure it will always be my favourite.

Apr 7, 2016
by Itamar
No show

My appointment was canceled by Al Boy two hours before time (I reckon cause Al didn’t draw the design in time). after i booked it 10 days prior and paid deposit. didn’t even receive an apology by Al, definitely wouldn’t recommend getting a tattoo by him. at least not if you want a professional..

We’re sorry you feel this way Itamar. Al called in sick on the morning of your appointment and we phoned you immediately to let you know. We do understand that this is frustrating but unfortunately in this particular instance there wasn’t anything more that we could do.

Mar 2, 2016
by Can
First tattoo

I came to Cloak and Dagger for my first tattoo. Everybody was so friendly and they exactly understood my style and we designed my first one together. My tattoo artist was really good at his job, so precise, sterile and practical. The result and quality was amazing and better than i expected. It is such a professional studio at an amazing location and I am already planning for my second tattoo and ofcourse I will choose Cloak and Dahger again.

Mar 1, 2016
by Olivia & Deborah
First timers

My friend and I came to Cloak and Dagger to get our first tattoos. We found the people and the place reassuring due to the friendliness and overall feel. Beforehand we had also exchanged many emails with the staff there, who were very patient and helpful. Myles was very friendly and made sure our tattoos were exactly as we wanted. Would definitely recommend and wouldn’t be surprised if we came back one day. Thanks for everything – Deborah and Olivia

Feb 29, 2016
by Anna

Just over a week since I had my first tattoo and I am thrilled with it.Jack took a lot of time getting design and position perfect for my tiny anchor, I felt, taking it just as seriously as a huge design. The guy on the front desk was charming and helpful and I can honestly say the whole experience was really good fun. Really professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend, especially to nervous first timers. Not sure what you want or where? This is the place to go.

Feb 25, 2016
by jason jardim
get your tattoo now

I got my tattoo done by al and all I can say that the whole team are amazing. They were extremely friendly and nice which my first tattoo experience so much easier. Al took his time to ensure that he done a perfect job which is essential to get something that will stay on you forever. This place is just great and I would like to thank the team for the art on my body. For those reading this thinking about choosing this place I suggest to you to book your tattoo already because this place is the best.

Feb 24, 2016
by Yana
Thank you!

Got a tattoo done by Al, who was really patient and did a great job with the design. The place is cool and the guys were very friendly. They booked an appointment for me, although I gave them a very short notice. This will definitely be the place for the next one!

Feb 19, 2016
by Shannon McKee
Amazing experience!

I just got my first ever tattoo done today by Micky who is super talented. I wasnt too sure how I wanted it to look but he went and drew the most amazing design. I’ve already received heaps of compliments about it and am telling people its the place to go. The shop is super cool and I felt really comfortable in there. Micky was great at making sure I was comfortable with the design and position of the tattoo and got me used to the feeling of the needle before he started. My bird tattoo is beyond beautiful and I’m super excited to have such an awesome work of art inked on me. So thanks to Micky and the team, it was the best place possible that I could have got my first tattoo and I’ll definitely be back for my next one!

Feb 19, 2016
by Ben

Just had my first tattoo with the insanely talented Micky. He did a black and grey compass on my right arm with a cloud background. To say I’m satisfied with the end product would be a criminal understatement – the end result has blown my expectations out the water! He took the time to do an awesome design, advise where it would fit best and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way (being a first timer I was really nervous, but felt secure and in good hands as soon as I walked in). Incredibly professional service and worth every penny. Awesome shop, really talented people and fantastic service. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks a million guys!

Feb 19, 2016
by Nick
Sacred Heart

Had a great experience at Cloak and Dagger yesterday. Jack did a great job. Changed the original Sacred Heart design a bit so it fitted well within existing tattoos. Great fun. Thanks Jack

Feb 2, 2016
by Gariy
First tattoo

Just had my first tattoo done by Al boy, he did an amazing work. Al was quick and accurate. Thanks a lot Al boy and cloak and dagger for making my tattoo!)

Jan 25, 2016
by A.
First Tattoo

Had my first tattoo there 3 days ago. Goks made an amazing design with the ideas I gave him and the result is way better that all I’ve ever imagined for my bear tattoo.The entire team has been very nice and patient. Thank you very much, I’ll definitively come back

Jan 22, 2016
by Andy Gratton
First tattoo

Just had my first tattoo done by Al boy and what a fantastic job for my first tattoo. Took my initial thoughts and made it 10 times better than I had expected. Had it on my ribs and his steady hand and quick accurate work clearly made a difference to minimise the pain. Thanks Al and thanks cloak and dagger for making my first tattoo a great one.

Jan 21, 2016
by Richard Camp
Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Parlour

just got back from having a black and grey swallow on one side of my chest, 1st time.This was done by Micky, and man what a great job he has done.I have booked straight away for another swallow on the other side.Great patient staff, and willing to help with any ideas you may have.Think i’ve got the bug now.

Jan 21, 2016
by Jimbo
Lucky 13

Had my first tattoo on Sunday with Micky. It was very relaxed and much less painful than I had imagined. They were running a bit late but we’re very friendly and apologetic about the short delay.I wanted a very clean, neatly lined number 13 in Helvetica on my chest, so it looked it was stamped on. Micky absolutely nailed it and spent time on placement, getting it straight etc. After they gave me some useful tips about looking after it for the days following and its been no bother at all. I really like my tattoo and can definitely recommend Cloak & Dagger and Micky.

Jan 21, 2016
by Caitlin
First Tattoo

Many thanks to Hugh who did my first proper tattoo for me. Everyone who I spoke to before getting my tattoo was very professional and polite. I had a consultation the day before and left feeling really confident. Hugh was great in his advice before and after getting my tattoo. He kept his design as close to what I had drawn as possible and combined my ideas nicely. I am really happy with my little tribal penguin!! ?I highly recommend cloak and dagger.-Caitlin

Jan 19, 2016
by Simone
First tattoo

On Sunday I had a tattoo done by Al boy. I love al’s traditional style and decided to go big and create a tree woman. Al took on board all of my ideas for my custom piece and created a lovely design with even two different sizes to choose from. I was very nervous as this was my first tattoo but Al’s professionalism put me at ease and he was also a very pleasant guy :)The line work is extraordinary & the tattoo is placed perfectly. I received full information on aftercare and was reassured my questions were welcome through al’s email or the studios phone numberI would highly recommend cloak and dagger as the studio is clean with an informative receptionist and great musicThanks al, I’m sure il be back for more ink!

Jan 18, 2016
by Nicholas O’Donnell
Throat tattoo

I would highly recommend cloak and dagger tattoo parlour to anyone. Very professional and real lovely people. I was really impressed with how my tattoo came out thanks a lot jack gock !

Jan 17, 2016
by Garreth Smith
First tattoo

These guys are exceptional ! My first so wasn’t sure what to expect but Micky started slowly, checked everything was ok then 3hours later I had something that looked beyond an`dy superlative you could create here… Incredibly professional and I will be back !

Dec 9, 2015
by Matthew
First tattoo done by Jethro

Got my first tattoo done by Jethro, and so glad I did!

I had always loved Jethro’s style and was really excited to see what he’d come up with. I got a wolf tattoo on my foot, and basically wanted something aggressive looking and full of colour – I told him what I wanted and had him do whatever he wanted.

30 minutes later he had come up with something unique and awesome!

Jethro was incredibly nice and made me feel really relaxed. My first tattoo experience could not have gone any better 🙂 thanks so much man.

Will be getting more work done here for sure

Nov 17, 2015
by Gemma
Saving for my next time.

I was a little apprehensive as I had a fairly dark tattoo I wanted covered and couldn’t see how it could be done but it was super easy to get an appointment to come meet Jack, he put my mind at ease and I didn’t have to wait long for an appointment to come in and have my piece done.

And considering I’d never sat for more than hour I sat for over 5 on the day and Jack answered all my questions (of which there were many!) and did beautiful work, I healed like a dream and it looks pristine and awesome now i’m all healed, cloak and dagger made everything easy and straightforward and I’m so pleased with my Joan Of Arc I’m saving to come back for a Marie Antoinette to match.

Nov 17, 2015
by Rafal
First Tatto with Jack Goks.

I have just done my first tattoo with Jack Goks.
Can’t ask for anyone more professional than this guy.
I am more than happy with his work and on my way out of the studio i have already said that it is my ‘first but not last’ visit in Cloak and Dagger.
Impressive studio with chilled atmosphere.
I liked every aspect of this experience.
I will be back!

Nov 17, 2015
by Kyle
My first tattoo

I am from seattle and am visiting london for the first time. They were the first result in my search for tattoo parlours in london. Al was very nice and patient with me. I got a simple tattoo on my wrist, i hear thats the most painful spot but it was tolerable. Everyone was kind and professional. The place is clean and organized. Im glad i went here for my first tattoo. It will be a great keepsake for my first trip to london. If you are wondering where the best place to go is, youve found it.

Nov 8, 2015
by Anonymous
Disappointing service

After having my tattoo booked in for over 2 months, I arrived on the day to find I hadn’t even been drawn up. As a result I had to wait nearly two hours and wasn’t even offered a cuppa. Bad organisation tainted a lovely tattoo.

Thanks for your review. An artist won’t always have time to draw up before the day, especially if it’s for a long session. The time they spend on the drawing doesn’t affect the price though. Our customers only ever pay for the time they spend getting their tattoo done.

We apologise for not offering you a drink while you were waiting that long. When the shop’s really busy we don’t catch everything. But we hear you and are always working to improve the service we offer. We’re interviewing an extra pair of hands this week to keep moving us forward as one of London’s best tattoo studios, not just for our art but customer service too.

Glad you liked the tattoo!

Oct 27, 2015
by Sam
Luke ‘The Slinger’ Jinks

The wind blew from a strange direction that chilly October evening. Stepping through the door of Cloak and Dagger I remember seeing a figure silhouetted in the shadows. Luke ‘The Slinger’ Jinks rose from his seat to shake my hand. The years of mastering his craft had fused his hand into a glove, a glove for ‘Ole Trusty’, his tattoo machine. He called that right hand ‘The silk spinner’ because he could lay down a line so smooth he had Marvin Gaye singing out of tune. the other hand was entrusted with the name ‘Cold Judge’ but that was another story for another evening. The freehand work was phenomenal. More on point than a compass, and the way the colour was laid in was as solid as the gold trim in the tommy gun that takes pride of place above his head.

As quickly as it began it was all over, smooth lines and bold colour “The way it should be” he mumbled over the thick burn of the cuban cigar nestled in between two sets of solid gold grills.

It was on that day i knew what it was to be free, and i have carried that feeling with me forever.

Thank you ‘The Slinger’ for a truly eye opening experience.

Oct 16, 2015
by Baz Wright
My beautiful chicano girl . . .

So, you’re reading this, along with many other reviews, because you’re ,maybe, a little bit apprehensive or need some kind of reassurance that this is the place to get your first or next tattoo. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I can catagorically tell you that it is. From the moment I walked in I was made to feel welcome and upon meeting Jack felt completely at ease with the process of how my tattoo was going to be carried out. This wasn’t my first tattoo so I thought I knew what to expect but Jack was meticulous about the placement of my tattoo, even to the point of resizing and repositioning it a number of times until he and I were happy with it. Hygiene standards were incredibly high with Jack changing gloves, like a million times and using enough disinfecting material to put a hospital to shame. The end result was, to be perfectly honest, stunning. It’s rare that you come away from any experience with far greater results than you were expecting. My completed tattoo is amazing. The strangest thing now is that I’m getting bummed about my tattoo when all I did was sit on my backside whilst a talented artist like Jack did a hella crazy thing with ink and needles. I can’t recommend Cloak and Dagger highly enough and will definitely be going back for more work.

Oct 14, 2015
by max russell
A visit to Cloak and Dagger

My visit to Cloak and Dagger was a first for me, but not my first tattoo. My idea was given to Hugh by my son who lives in London, Hugh did a great design for me and his skill is amazing. I flew from the South of France for my tattoo, found the shop and was welcomed by everyone, what a great bunch. My tattoo has healed in less than a week, thanks Hugh. Only problem now is I want to come back for more haha.

Oct 13, 2015
by Alexes Bowman
My first tattoo

The build up to my first tattoo has been a long one – mostly because I’m a wimp but I was determined that this would be the year I would make it happen so I did my research and found Cloak and Dagger. I’m so glad I did. I was tattooed by Al Boy AKA Alfredo who was friendly and welcoming and obviously very passionate about what he does. I wanted something very simple, just three very small birds – it definitely wasn’t a test of Al Boy’s skills, the man is truly gifted, however he made sure it was perfect for me, even when I insisted I wanted it a little bit smaller he kindly explained that I would lose the detail and he was so right.

The shop had a great atmosphere and everyone seemed to be well looked after by their artists. I will be recommending C&D to my friends and I will be back for more.

Thanks Cloak & Dagger. Thanks Al Boy. I’m so happy!

Oct 5, 2015
by Sarah S
Rosemary for Remembrance

Hugh inked my first tattoo two months ago, and I love it as much today as I did the day I had it done. I had travelled to the UK from Denver, Colorado, USA for an academic program at The Globe, and I wanted something to commemorate and remember my once-in-a-lifetime trip. I had done my research prior to leaving the US, and decided on Cloak and Dagger based on its reviews. I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. Everyone at C&D was wonderfully professional and I was in awe at some of the truly artistic work being done that day. Since returning to the US, I have had nothing but compliments on Hugh’s work. Everyone who sees my tattoo comments on Hugh’s brilliant line work and expert color shading. I highly recommend Cloak and Dagger to anyone for their first (or second, third …) tattoo. With luck, I will be back one day. After my wonderful experience at C&D, I can’t imagine getting another one anywhere else.

Oct 3, 2015
by Rebecca
Thanks for the cats, Jack.

Jack and the folks at C&D are truly talented artists. Professional and friendly, Jack has a charming, unique style. Definitely worth every Buck!!!

Sep 21, 2015
by Jose
First Tattoo

Micky made my first tattoo one month ago. Everything was spot on, great quality, very professional, sublime.
Highly recommended.

Sep 16, 2015
by Ben Tan
Ink at its best!

I’ve seen both Al boy and Hugh here for my Tatts, beautiful unique designs, bold line work and friendly service. Cant wait to get back for more ink.

Sep 10, 2015
by Adam
Alfredo – Celtic Dragon, on calf

Alfredo was brilliant and the whole Cloak and Dagger experience was fantastic. This was my first tattoo and I was made to feel very welcome, safe and comfortable. Alfredo did a fantastic job for me and I am really pleased I chose Cloak and Dagger.
I would recommend them to anyone!
Thank you C&D!

Sep 8, 2015
by Matthew
Combination Sleeve

Very thankful I found this amazing studio, Thanks a lot to Jack who has just completed the first part of my sleeve (which looks amazing by the way) very helpful and has great ideas, I can’t wait to go again!

Aug 30, 2015
by Dorka
Amazing piece from Al Boy

Just got my first tattoo from Al Boy and I am highly satisfied with his job. The studio is really nice, clean, the whole environment is peaceful and professional. Al made a fantastic rose on my ankle and answered all my stupid – first getting inked – questions. So massive thank you for him and the studio crew!

Aug 20, 2015
by Shaun
Couldn’t ask for more!

Got tattooed by Jethro a couple weeks back and was the best possible first tattoo. All the staff were friendly and happy to answer any questions I had. Plan on coming back for more in the future!

Jul 20, 2015
by Ashley Mortimer
Hugh and all at cloak & dagger Rock

After years of wanting a tattoo and much research came across Hugh’s work online. I am now the proud wearer of a fantastic dragon tattoo and over the moon with the results. Not only were the staff all fantastic, the place was spotless. I am so happy with the job done thinking about the next one. Thanks to all at the studio for making my 1st tattoo experience so fantastic. Well done!!!

May 30, 2015
by Mary McQueen
Tattoo following being lost for 2 hours

It was my lucky day when I came across Cloak and Dagger after being lost for 2 hours. I never did find the place I was looking for but instead recejved a lovely tattoo from Hugh. I had the idea to get a tattoo during my London trip and am so glad I stumbled upon this studio. Hugh is very tslented and he created a fantastic flower design that is getting outstsnding reviews from everyone who has seen it.

May 7, 2015
by Suchada
Best place to get inked in London.

The shop was very clean and they were extremely nice and professional. I’m in love with my new tattoo and I will definitely be returning

Mar 26, 2015
by Romain
Tattoo by a talented illustrator

I wanted something special, so I asked to an illustrator to design my tatto. (check it out at Thank you Cloak and Dagger for realising this great tattoo,

after one week it was already healed. It is my first tatto but not the last!

Mar 25, 2015
by Andrew

Big thanks to Hugh for doing an amazing tattoo last week. (black script on the ribs). It’s healed really well and I love it. Thanks again – Andrew

Feb 28, 2015
by Danny
Skull and rose by Joe

Love the Tattoo had so many compliments on it. Had to sit for 10 hours over 2 days but was well worth it, Joe and all the guys at cloak and dagger make you feel more than welcome,the tattoo is still in the healing process but looks great.Im already planning my next sitting with joe.
Great Artist and shop highly recommend them both.

Feb 27, 2015
by Catherine
Thank you Hugh!

As a 40 (something) female City professional who was also a tattoo virgin, I was a little anxious to say the least about the whole process of finding an artist and somewhere I would feel safe. However, I can wholeheartedly say that from the moment I spoke to Laurie on reception to make an appointment and meeting her on the day, to meeting Hugh to discuss the design, to lying down for well over 2 hours that I was made to feel welcome and relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The atmosphere is expert and professional coupled with being friendly, fun and reassuring. I would and have recommended Cloak & Dagger to close friends. I LOVE my tattoo!!!

Jan 5, 2015
by Sam Mackintosh
First tattoo by Luke!

I couldn’t be happier with the result. Luke drew up such a sick design and the actual tattooing was really chilled out. The whole team were really welcoming and I’m already saving for my next one!

Dec 20, 2014
by Charline
Al Boy

My friend and I went there in order to get a small tattoo each before leaving London. It was last minute kind of thing and made the booking a couple hours before going and the person who took care of the booking was very happy to fit us in between two appointments as they were fairly small tattoos.
We got tattooed by Al Boy who was lovely and chat to us as we were in pain from getting tattooed in a sensitive area (ribs) and we even had a good laugh!
We would definitely recommend him!

Dec 20, 2014
by Alex
Genius Jack

Jack has helped me to create a masterpiece to remember my Dad who dies a few weeks ago and in honour of my best friend who is very sick and will not be around much longer. It’s perfect! So much better than I ever could have imagined. The studio is great; clean, friendly and relaxed. I can’t recommend jack highly enough. He is kind, he listens to exactly what you want and he is a phenomenal artist. It feels amazing to have such a work of art in my arm to represent the love I have for these two amazing people. Very special. Thanks jack! See you again soon!

Dec 10, 2014
by Gary M
50 and a first timer

Having passed the shop a few weeks ago I decided to permanently mark my fiftieth year with my very first tattoo. Although quite nervous at the prospect, I made my booking and duly turned up. Met Al Boy, who looked at my design, made some suitable suggestions and got to work. Al Boy put me very much at ease from the off, and I’m extremely pleased with the results. The shop has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and I’d highly recommend Cloak and Dagger to anyone, especially to folk like me that have always wanted a tattoo but was afraid to walk through the door. Thanks to Al Boy and all at Cloak and Dagger!!

Nov 10, 2014
by Tara
A light night visit!

I visited Cloak and Dagger around 6pm a few days ago. I had just missed my flight to return back to work in the Middle East and was feeling a little down. Upon my return to Whitechapel I popped into Cloak and Dagger hoping for a small tattoo. Now, I understand it isn’t something you ‘just do; but it had been 5 weeks since losing my first child, Sarai. She fell asleep at 23 weeks and 3 days and I had been struggling with her passing. Jack agreed to ink me up even though he had just finished tidying up for the night and was about to close the store with his colleagues. The team were extremely friendly and informative. They explained the best places to have it, size, colours and cleanliness. After 10 minutes of planning, I was in the midst of getting my second tattoo done. To my joy it took 5-10 minutes to complete. A look in the mirror and I was finished! I couldn’t be happier. Sarai is with me now forever – cheesy I know but totally means the world to me.

Aug 30, 2014
by Ryan Wells

Came here for my first tattoo and am glad i did because the atmosphere and general feel of the shop put me at ease straight away. The tattoo came out far better then i could have imagined.
Would recommend to anybody.

Jun 29, 2014
by Terry Pusey
old first timer

i’m 65 still working and only this year did i think of having a tattoo no fool like an old fool. anyway i walk pas The Cloak & Dagger Tattoo Parlour on the way to work and back again. i then thought why not give it ago.
there was a friendly greeting and the guys made we welcome and relaxed. they gave me advice what was doable. i’ve now had 5 done and thinking of having another 2. i’ve been very please with the results and even some of my work colleagues who first of all thought i was mad to get them like some of them !!!
i would recommend this place and the atmosphere will put you at ease

Jun 3, 2014
by Sarah Lee

Came in here for my first tattoo. Only wanted something small and was quite nervous but found the shop had a really nice relaxed atmosphere and was made to feel at ease. Would definitely recommend.

May 20, 2014
by Chelsey kelly
Amazing – can’t wait to come back

I had a thigh piece done by Joe and am more than happy with it! It’s more than I could have wanted and joe was great to sit with! The shop had a Great Warm atmosphere too, which is nice and welcoming! Good work guys!!

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