Customer Reviews

Torrey Leigh

November ’18

Such amazing staff. Kind and honest. I would recommend this shop to anyone who is going for the first time, or already has a body of art! Props to Hugh for doing fantastic work.

Stian André H. Olsen

November ’18

Got tattooed by Michel back in april 2017 and I couldn’t be more pleased. He did an amazing job with colors, lines and shadows! He was very easy to talk to as well and I am very happy with both the tattoo and the experience itself. Would go here again without hesitation

Tereza Descartes

October ’18

Got two small wrist lettering tattoos from Davide few months back. They healed perfectly and Davide was very sweet and made me feel at ease 🙂 Recommended!

Denis Bogonos

September ’18

Got my first tattoo here and i’m glad i chose this place. My tattooist Blake Byrnes has done exactly what i’ve asked for, even exceeded my expectations. Couldn’t be happier.

Daniela Schauer

September ’18

Got my first Tattoo last weekend at Cloak and Dagger – it’s great! Although I was really nerveous, Ben led me lovely through the session and did a beautiful job. I’ll come back 🙂

Alia Lara

August ’18

I love this place. My mum recommended that should go here for my third tattoo and the quality of work is definitely worth every penny. Their healing processes, hygiene and atmosphere is why this place is my new fave x

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