Discover Archway In London

London is packed with exciting places to visit. One area of London many visitors miss out on is Archway in North London.

Archway is located in the London Borough of Islington. Whether you are looking for eateries with a difference or family fun for the family, Archway is a great place to visit.

A Brief History of Archway, London

The name Archway comes from the Highgate Archway. This viaduct links Hornsey Lane with the Great North Road.
In years past, this way one of the major toll roads into London. The archway was designed by Sir Alexander Binnie and you can still see it today.

If you have been to London before, you may know a little bit about Cockney culture. If so, you probably know that to be a true “Cockney” you have to be born within the sounds of the bells of the Bow Bells Church. It is thought that the tradition originates in Archway. This was where the former Lord Mayor of London Dick Whittington heard the sound of the bells. A memorial stone called the Whittington Stone is located on Highgate Hill which forms part of Archway.

Archway: Eating Around The World in Archway

Modern-day Archway is one of the more multi-ethnic parts of London. When you are looking for something different to eat, you will always find it in Archway.

Not only will you find British fayre in Archway. The local residents in this vibrant part of London herald from all over the world. With so many exciting food cultures right on the doorstep, Archway has become a mecca for global cuisine. This is the part of London where many food lovers head to when they fancy challenging their taste buds.

In Archway, you can enjoy anything from freshly cooked Wok dishes to exotic dishes from Morocco and beyond. Eating out in this part of London never gets boring. Compared to nearby Islington, enjoying a meal with friends is much more affordable as well.

Shopping in Archway

Of course, you will find national chains and smaller independent stores in Archway. However, when you want to enjoy a different shopping experience, you should head over to the Archway Street Market that takes place every Saturday.

There is nothing you will not find on this vibrant street market. Whether you are looking for unusual gifts, keepsakes or fine wines, this is the perfect place to spend a few hours on a Saturday.

Places To Visit in Archway

When you are in this part of North London, there are a few visitor attractions you simply must not miss out.

Highgate Cemetery

Although situated in nearby Highgate, the cemetery is easy to reach from Archway. As a matter of fact, it is only a stone’s throw away from the Archway Underground station.

This is one of the most of the most beautiful cemeteries in the entire world. Many come here just to enjoy the fabulous funerary architecture. Although it has to be said a walk around the cemetery is the perfect opportunity to marvel at everything from Egyptian burial vaults to the Catacombs Terrace, there is more to this place.

Many people of interest are buried in Highgate cemetery including Karl Marx. It is a large area and you will get more out of your visit when you join one of the organised tours.

Arsenal Football Club Museum

Getting a ticket to see a football match in London at short notice is a challenging. But, that does not mean you have to miss out on a bit of the British capital’s football culture.

Arsenal is one of London’s most popular football clubs. Why not take some time out to visit the Arsenal Football Club Museum? You get the opportunity to learn more about the club and buy a shirt or two featuring the number of your favourite footballer.

In Conclusion

Archway is one of the most vibrant parts of London to visit any time of the year. It is popular with both local London residents and visitors to London. Archway has a little bit of everything – fantastic food, great shopping and unique places to explore.

When you want to stay close to the centre of London, Archway also has plenty to offer in the way of affordable quality accommodation. Put your comfortable walking shoes on and enjoy a visit to this historic part of London.