Belgravia:The Peaceful Country Village of Gleaming Millionaires

Just within a short distance from Paddington and Heathrow, there is a peaceful village known for its architecture, and historic garden squares named Belgravia. With artisan delicatessens, bookstores, bakers, and jewelers, it is no wonder that Belgravia has long been a mecca for significant personalities of England’s political and artistic life. In fact, Belgravia has nowadays, become an exclusive village of millionaires’ manors, expensive department stores, and gleaming embassies. It is a great place to visit when on holiday since it states some of the most impressive attractions of the country, like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbay.

Surrounding areas

Belgravia is surrounded by a series of amazing areas, like Kensington, Victoria, and Chelsea. All of those places are known for their shopping avenues and unique boutiques. South Kensington, is also, a place with rich history, and by paying a visit to its Science Museum and to the world’s leading museum of art and design known as the Victoria and Albert Museum, you will be able to learn a lot about the history of London, in general.

What is the area famous for

Shopping enthusiasts will absolutely love Belgravia since it offers the world’s best luxury department store, named Harrods. Over 15 million tourists pay this store a visit yearly. It makes no surprise that Harrods covers almost every imaginable brand and designer. Apart from designer clothes, jewelry, shoes, and furniture, Harrods also offers a Toy Department that contains some of the biggest stuffed animals in Europe and a series of food halls where visitors can enjoy some of the most noticeable local dishes.

Another well-known attraction in Belgravia that’s also, considered the most photographed building is the Peggy Porschen cupcake store. Its bright pink floral exterior and variety of cupcakes have made this store famous on Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook, and lots of influencers pass by daily. If you pay a visit to Peggy Porschen do not miss the chance to taste the marvelous ”salted caramel” and ”strawberry and champagne” cupcakes.

2 Places of great interest

One of the most popular roads in Belgravia is Elizabeth Street. Known for its tiny, traditional cafes, fancy restaurants, floral and fashion stores, visitors should spend a morning walking down this road and taste a traditional meal. Tomtom coffee is the best place to taste an espresso all year long. Another place of great interest in Belgravia is its renown Square Gardens. Apart from the variety of embassies, this area also, hosts some impressive, historical statues, inlcuding one of Columbus. The park is the perfect place for you to have a picnic or just walk along the plenty of plants, trees and colorful flowers while breathing some fresh air.

Belgravia is brimming with luxury apartments, traditional cafes and boutique shops. It is one of the most exclusive areas of London and it is definitely worth visiting. Apart from the variety of historical monuments and museum to visit, the area offers a series of other activities, including walking along the magnificent garden squares, visiting some of the most luxury department stores in the country and admiring the variety of wildlife.