Camden Town: The Home of The Arts

Camden Town, located in the Northwest of London, is a favourite for young adults looking for a good time. If you are discovering the unique areas of London, then do not forget about one of its most famous districts. Easily accessible from the Northern tube line, you can either disembark at Camden Town or Chalk Farm tube stops. You will find an endless amount of quirky restaurants and cafes as well as incredible music venues, and you cannot forget to check-out one of the best views that London has to offer.

A Brief History Of Camden Town…

In the early years, Camden Town was nothing more than a part of nearby Kentish Town. Until Sir Charles Pratt, the 1st Earl of Camden, decided to develop the area for the rich and elite. His dream did not come to fruition, because of Camden’s access to a canal, which resulted in it becoming a hub for the industrial revolution and the new home for the working class. The upper-class lived on one side of the canal, while the working-class lived on the other.

It is believed that it was this initial merging of cultures and classes that created Camden Town’s reputation of being one of the most diverse and welcoming districts in all of London, a reputation it still holds today. Throughout the 1900s, Camden suffered with huge overpopulation issues. In order to keep the peace, many leisure establishments were built. From the Roundhouse, which was redeveloped into an arts center in the 1960s, to the opening of Camden Market in 1974. There was also a constant, steady growth in pubs, restaurants, cinemas and theatres in the area.

Top Three Things To Do

Now that you have heard about the origins of one of London’s most popular areas, you may be wondering what it has to offer today? Well, below we have listed our top three picks, but there is truly so much on offer in Camden Town!

Visit Primrose Hill

What is discovering a new area without finding a breathtaking view to take it all in? From Primrose Hill, located in the heart of Camden, you will be able to take in the stunning skyline of the City of London. It is the perfect place for a night-time stroll or why not get a picnic together and go during the day?

Browse Around Camden Market

A trip to Camden Town’s market is one of the most popular activities that you can partake in when you are visiting London overall. It is that popular. Whether you are looking for delicious food, quirky fashion pieces or momentos to take home with you, Camden Market has it all! The market itself is actually a series of markets that combine to create Camden Market. Do not forget to visit them all! There is ‘The Stables Market’, ‘Camden Lock Market’, ‘Camden Lock Village’, ‘Buck Street Village’.

Catch A Performance At Camden’s Roundhouse

Camden Town is one of the key areas for The Arts across the whole of London. And, if you are looking for the best place to take in a performance, then look no further than the Roundhouse. Whether you are a lover of music, theatre, or any form of creative art, the Roundhouse selects only the best to fill its jam-packed calender.

With Camden Town’s long and interesting history dating back as far as the 1700s, there is plenty to see and do. The district is known for displaying the very best of the arts, being diverse and incredibly welcoming to all. From quirky, delicious restaurants, to enriching activities, there is plenty to do in Camden Town!