Clapham: The Heart of Nightlife in Southwest London

An idyllic place to spend your weekend, Clapham is located in the southwest of London and is best known for its vivid nightlife, variety of markets, and festivals. Whether you are in the mood for a concert, movie, drink, or just a nice place to eat, you will definitely have it all in Clapham. However, Clapham is not only popular among younger people, but lots of families pay a visit to the city yearly since it has some of the widest, and most impressive open areas, parks, and places to enjoy a picnic.

Best Things To Do in Clapham

One of the largest open spaces in Europe, Clapham Common is filled with plants, trees, and flowers and is the perfect way of spending a hot summer day in nature or just going for a picnic and breathing some clean air. If you are a coffee lover, you can enjoy your morning espresso in Clapham Common. Several fishing areas, along with a paddling pool and athletic facilities are also, part of this wonderful open place. Moreover, visitors will be able to admire different Georgian and Victorian houses that surround the park.

One of the best places for food in the city is a quality street market, named Venn Street Market. Being both a fresh ingredient and street food bonanza, this market is a must-see place once you visit Clapham. Regular vendors include Pate Moi and Ted’s Veg. The market is hosted in Clapham Common every Saturday and features baked goods, and treats from all over the world, including the world-famous South African salted meat.

What is the Area Famous For

For fans of beers, BrewDog bars are always a safe bet. That applies in Clapham, as well. Having one of the widest beer selections in the city, the architecture of those bars is also, very impressive, and atmospheric. With large tapestries, traditional decorations, and a relaxed atmosphere, this place offers a selection of board games free of charge to enjoy with your friends. A large food menu, full of vegan options and traditional dishes will also, perfectly accompany your cold beer.

Another popular landmark in Clapham is its variety of charity shops. The largest portion of those little shops gathers around Clapham Junction. If you are willing to dig through the racks, there are numerous traditional little crafts to purchase, along with clothes, shoes, light furniture, and jewelry. All profits go directly towards helping change the future for children in need.

Clapham Picturehouse-An independent cinema

Showing a variety of movies, from Hollywood blockbusters to alternative, local options, if you are a movie fan, you should not miss the chance to visit Clapham Picturehouse. With bookings available on arrival and online, the place also hosts a restaurant and bar. Authentic Italian pizzas, from classic pepperoni to vegan Margherita, await visitors for a taste. If you happen to visit this spot, try the local small-batch-roasted Picturehouse coffee, as well.

Situated in the Borough of Lambeth, Clapham offers visitors a vast array of areas to walk through, events to attend, and activities to take part in. Being both an area rich in nightlife and natural environmental spots, Clapham is the ideal place to visit all year long whether you are on a trip with friends, family, or your partner.