Unique Charm Of London: Farringdon

Filled with cool bars and unique architectural sites, Farringdon is a popular destination filled with many fun locations packed with activities that are great to enjoy alone or with people. Farringdon is a part of the country’s financial center; not much of a vast area, but it has a lot of places that are fun and memorable. Are you looking to visit Farringdon soon? Here’s your complete guide about Farringdon London.


Farringdon is divided by name, a decision that the Romans made in 1394 that saw Farringdon having parts that fit and did not fit inside the London Wall. Farringdon Within and Farringdon Without. In present times, only a few parts of this historical wall in Farringdon exist, but you can feel the history all over the place.


Farringdon is packed with a fantastic food and drinking scene, complete with historical sites that make the place a great mix of past and present. Here are some of the places you should consider visiting when in Farringdon.


1.St Bartholomew The Great

* The St Bartholomew The Great is an incredible building architecture founded in 1123, with most of its renovations happening during the 15th,16th, and 19th centuries. This beautiful historical place features magnificent Romanesque pillars and oriel windows.

2. Smithfield Market

* Smithfield Market’s structure dates back to 1868, and this historical location highlights the busy market life of the past. With soaring arches and mesmerizing decorations, this market is a historical masterpiece that deserves a visit when you are in Farringdon.

3. Old Bailey

* A historical site when it comes to justice, this historical location has a history of some of the most famous or rather infamous cases within the history of London.



* A popular drinking place in Farringdon that serves fantastic cocktails and drinks, complete with a lovely set of jazz music under an artistic location.

2. Jerusalem Tavern

* Not much room in this pub, but scoring a seat in this lovely and friendly tavern is a great way to enjoy a drinking session with some friends. Despite the name, the establishment only opened back in 1990 and has served great drinks.


* Leather Lane Market
* Not precisely located within Farringdon, Leather Lane is a popular shopping spot that shows visitors the traditional market setting packed with food stalls, stores, and various other stuff.


With so much stuff to do and so many historical landmarks to visit and explore, here’s a list of suggestions you can make when visiting Farringdon, London

* Exploring the historical landmarks, Farringdon has to offer
* Exploring the various food and drinking locations that are best enjoyed with company
* Visiting the markets to go on a shopping spree


Farringdon is a fantastic place, a unique gem within London packed with lots of historical sites and excellent pubs that you will surely never get bored of. It is a beautiful blend of the past and present, which makes it truly a gem to visit—looking for a unique place to visit? Come on down to Farringdon and see what this historical location offers.