A Simple Haggerston Area Guide

Haggerston is an East London locale characterized by partial gentrification and a mix of old Victorian streets and post-war residential estates. Thanks to its proximity to districts like Dalston and Hoxton, the locale is pretty popular among students and creatives and is nowadays a hub for tech startups.

While it is today one of East London’s most popular entertainment spots, this hasn’t always been the case. If anything, the area was once a slum. Read on to discover how it came to be and three exciting things to do in Haggerston.

The History of Haggerston

Haggerston first appears in Domesday Book as Hergotestane, meaning boundary stone of a man named Haergod. It later appeared as a village named Agostone in Roque’s Map of 1745.

Haggerston was historically part of the Metropolitan Borough of Shoreditch and had several ecclesiastical parishes, including All Saints ad St, Mary. It was incorporated into the Borough of Hackney in 1965.

Centuries before that, the area that formed Haggerston was part of the two hides owned by Alwin in 1086 and were passed on to the man’s descendants over multiple generations. It remained largely rural and undeveloped until the opening of the Regent’s Canal in the 1820s. Haggerston’s population increased tenfold in the 1850s after the East London Railway was launched. This saw it rapidly evolve into a slum area with cottages housing immigrants from different parts of the world and workers of the factories lining the canal.

Haggerston’s administration stepped up in1904 and built the Haggerston baths and other developments to alleviate the situation and fuel growth. Unfortunately, most of these developments didn’t last quite long as they were severely damaged during the Blitz. Despite its hard past, current Haggerston is quite interesting. It’s rapidly evolving thanks to the large student, artist to tech population who live here. It is expected to grow into one of East London’s most desirable areas, thanks to its convenient location and low cost of living.

Three Interesting Things to Do in Haggerston

Considered one of London’s lost districts because it’s essentially a locale of cobbled streets recovered from other areas, Haggerston is a laidback but interesting place to visit. Check out a few fun things to do in Haggerston:

Shop the Broadway Street Market

If you’re mainly visiting Shoreditch but want to explore a bit of Haggerston, head to the Broadway market. The Victorian street market lies between the boundaries of Hackney, Shoreditch and Hackney Proper and has been open every Saturday since 1883. If you visit on non-market days, the street features more than 70 cafes, restaurants and shopping stalls open from dawn to dusk.

Spend an Afternoon at Haggerston Park

If markets don’t tickle your fancy, Haggerston Park might. This stone-walled park features a small pond with reeds, multiple sports courts, a kid-play area and a series of woodland walking trails that connect to other interesting places like the Hackney City Farm and Broadway market.

Visit the Regent’s Canal

The Regent’s Canal is one of Haggerston’s most beautiful areas. Formerly a ship transportation pathway, the canal is lined with historic buildings, canal houseboats, cafes, restaurants and shops today, making it one of the most pleasant walks to try in East London.

Explore Haggerston Today

Haggerston might not be as popular as Dalston and Shoreditch nearby, but it certainly has its charm. This partly gentrified city has parks, fantastic shopping centres, and nearly endless restaurants and pubs, so visitors are always guaranteed fun things to do.