A Hoxton Area Guide: Historical Overview and Must-See Spots in the Area

Hoxton is a neighbourhood in the borough of Hackney, immediately north of the City of London. It forms part of Shoreditch and Hackney South constituencies and is strategically perched between The Regent’s Canal, Wharf Road, Old Street and Kingsland Road.

Hoxton is one of East London’s most exciting neighbourhoods and typical of areas in Shoreditch, a hub for artists and creatives. Read on for a brief overview of Hoxton’s history and interesting things to try during your visit.

Hoxton in the Making; a Historical Overview of the Neighborhood

Hogesdon was the first recorded name of Hoxton, meaning a fortified enclosure owned by Hoch. The area was largely a mash in the 1400s but transformed into an affluent residential neighbourhood dotted with manor houses belonging to ambassadors, courtiers and other nobles during the Tudor times.

Nobility estates began to disappear in the 17th century, and industrialization, coupled with the arrival of rail during the Victorian era, further fueled the exodus of the wealthy from Hoxton, conversely, turning it into a slum.

The area then became a hub for furniture trade, but after World War II, industrial developments soon saw it transform into a manufacturing hub with industrial plants and lofts. In the 1980s, a wave of young artists and creative types began transforming these lofts and warehouses into homes, marking the beginning of a trend that would change Hoxton into an art haven.

Fun Things to Do in Hoxton

Here are a few fun-filled things to do in Hoxton

Visit Hoxton Square

Hoxton Square is one of the earliest garden squares in London. It was built in the 17th century as a garden space in a housing development designed to attract wealthy homebuyers and restore its former glory as a residential area for the nobility.

It remains one of the most popular landmarks in the area today and features a slew of restaurants, clubs, bars, art galleries and a green space for relaxation.

Explore The Museum of the Home

Ever wondered how life was in the Victorian era? Visit the Museum of the Home while in Hoxton, and you’ll get a chance to experience it. The Museum is a grade-1 almshouse with a series of home exhibitions from the 16th century to the present day.

Shop at the Old Spitalfields Market

Built in 1876, the Old Spitalfields Market on 16 Horner Square is where locals converge for food, drinks, shopping, and events. It is one of the few remaining and well-maintained Victorian Market Halls and features different marketplaces, including art makers’ vintage and sustainability markets.

Check out the Cargo

The Cargo on 83 Rivington Street is one of Hoxton’s most popular party venues. It is a buzzing club in an abandoned train yard and the best place to go for live music, an awesome DJ lineup and delicious food with alcohol. If you visit during the day, The Cargo runs a street food café popular for its mouthwatering burritos and has a pleasant mural-laden garden where you can relax.

Thinking of Visiting Hoxton?

Are you planning to visit Hoxton soon? You’ll be amazed at the nearly endless selection of things to do. Use our guide to kick start your adventures in this beautiful historic district.