The London Bridge City Pier

Sometimes referred to as the London Bridge Pier or the City Pier, the London Bridge City Pier is the main pier for London, and City Hall. The pier is situated on the southern shore of the River Thames,  and was built for steamboats ferrying visitors from trips to and from other areas up the river. The pier is managed by the London River Services, and served by several operators including Thames Clippers.

Things to Do on the London Bridge City Pier

Here are some of the fun things to do at the London Bridge City Pier:

Enjoy the River Views

The London Bridge City Pier is a short distance from the London Bridge(hence the name) and sits on the southern shore of River Thames, meaning stunning and unobstructed water vistas. Even better, there’s plenty of public seating spaces along the pier making it one of the best spots to take in views of the River Thames. The best part? It’s free.

Take a River Ride

If you’ve never been to southeast London, a river cruise is the best way to experience its sights and sounds. A cruise from the pier reveals interesting and notable attractions such as The Shard, the highest point of elevation in Western Europe, Tower of London, and the London Eye among others.

The London Bridge City Pier is served by several operators including the Thames Clippers. River bus services are often available from dawn into the evening, with some operators even offering evening cruises with dinner and entertainment options.

Watch a Movie at The Scoop

Got enough time to sneak in a movie? Head over to the Scoop, a massive, outdoor amphitheater along the city pier just underneath City Hall. It’s a popular film venue, but it also hosts musical and theatrical performances during summer. Every June to August, the amphitheater hosts free events, ranging from music, film, to sport related fiestas as part of the popular London Bridge City Summer fest. So if you happen to be in Shoreditch for your tattoo around this time, ensure you stop by for a free, and fun event.

Notable Places Near the London Bridge City Pier

Other notable places to check out along the city pier include:

  • Hay’s Galleria
  • HMS Belfast
  • The Queen’s Walk
  • The London Bridge
  • Borough Market

Location: close to the London Bridge