A Day in Paddington

Perched between Hyde and Regent Parks, Paddington district is a perfect mix of artistic and touristic. It is defined by serene garden squares, canals with stunning river views, elegant Georgian houses, classic pubs, and a nearly endless array of classic to trendy cafes and hotels.

Although Paddington’s exact origin is subject to different theories, the district was home to the Small Family in the 15th century, who later let it out to an attorney general. Real growth began in the mid-18th century when grand squares and terraces began cropping up between Hyde Park and Paddington station. Today, the district is centered around Paddington Station and is part of the city of Westminster.

Never been here before? Fret not because here are ideas on what to do in Paddington during your visit.

Things to Do in Paddington, London

Whether visiting Paddington for a day or more, here is a list of must-see and do things during your visit:

Take a Picture with the Paddington Bear

You cannot visit Paddington and skip seeing the statue of the Paddington bear. Besides, the statue is only halfway up platform 1 of the Paddington station right where the Brown family first met the bear in the movie, meaning you cannot miss it as long as you’re visiting Paddington. Be sure to get a picture, grab a sandwich at the dedicated Paddington gift shop and if time allows, munch it away from the Paddington bench as you watch other tourists marvel at the statue.

Follow the Paddington Art Trail

Paddington is a vibrant district with art ingrained in its culture. About 22 statues, bridges, busts, and marvelous art installations are spread out throughout the city for everyone to explore. The district even offers adventure seekers a map to find their way seamlessly. , The art trail begins a few steps from the Paddington bear statue, at the statue of the Unknown Soldier on platform 1 of the Paddington station, and ends at Merchant Square.

Visit the Flemming Lab

Whether or not you have an allergy, you’ve probably heard of Alexander Flemming, the polymath behind antibiotic penicillin. The Scottish microbiologist discovered the antibiotic while working at the St. Mary Hospital in 1928, completely altering the trajectory of medicine and laying the foundation for a brighter future in medical research.  Flemming passed away in 1955, but his work lives globally, and his lab is still in its original state at the hospital. Be sure to stop by.

Enjoy a Canal Cruise on a Narrowboat at Little Venice

Notable for its role as a film location in the Paddington Bear animation, Little Venice is a charming can area north of Paddington at the junction of the Regent’s Canal and the Grand Union. The area is close to notable attractions like ZSL London Zoo and is home to some of London’s most exciting indie theaters, such as the Puppet theater barge. There are plenty of things to do and see at Little Venice, but the highlight of each trip for most is a narrowboat canal cruise to Camden Lock Market, about 45 minutes away.

Getting to Paddington

Paddington is centered around the Paddington Railway station, so getting here by tube shouldn’t be a hassle. You can also take a London bus or taxi. Discover more about Paddington on the official website linked below.

Official Paddington Website:https://www.thisispaddington.com/