What the Fattoush; a Palestinian Restaurant in Hip London Worth Visiting

Craving Middle Eastern cuisine while in East London. Head over to What the Fattoush, a vegan-friendly Palestinian restaurant on Edgware Road, just a short walk from Paddington Station.

The restaurant looks nothing out of the ordinary at first glance, but it’s one of the most revered spots for authentic plant-based Middle Eastern dishes in London. The most surprising bit? What the Fattoush is a plant-based Palestinian restaurant owned by non-Arabs. Before you shout cultural appropriation, here’s the restaurant’s interesting backstory.

The Story Behind What the Fattoush

What the Fattoush is the brainchild of Jessica Howe, and Megan Maule, two young entrepreneurs whose passion for middle eastern cuisines inspired them to join forces, and start a Palestian restaurant. The duo first encountered authentic Middle Eastern food while volunteering in refugee camps in Palestine, Greece and Serbia. They learnt to cook the traditional Middle Eastern way from the natives.

They met in 2016 at the Calais Jungle and upon realizing they had a penchant for the same thing, opened a restaurant to treat East Londoners to bona fide Palestinian dishes, and other Middle East delicacies. Before setting up the restaurant, Jessica and Megan first began a supper club at a restaurant in South London to raise funds for refugee aid. They later moved to a street food stall before settling at the pop-up in hip bar, Pamela. They do all the cooking to ensure they deliver nothing but tasty and ultimately authentic Middle Eastern dishes.

Alongside treating British diners to true Middle East dishes, Jessica and Megan are also on a mission to encourage conversations about Palestine and other countries in the region by celebrating its cuisines. They’re still charitable at heart, and often donate  10% of all profits to Skatepal, an NGO supporting Palestinian youth through skateboarding.

On the Menu

What the Fattoush has the most comprehensive Middle East dishes menu you’ll come across in East London. They serve delicacies like mammoth harissa olives, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, Lebanese Cucumbers, Musakhan and Shish Taouk among others. Diners also get gluten-free versions of most of the dishes offered here. What the Fattoush has an interesting beverage menu which includes a string of delicious cocktails, some even featuring jalapeno-infused vodka.

Before You Go

What the Fattoush open their pop up Wednesdays through Saturdays from 12-3pm and from 6-10pm.

Location: Social, 133 Copeland Road, SE15 3SN