Kiska Esse - Tattoo Artist
Kiska Esse - Tattoo Artist

Kiska Esse

Tattoo Artist in London

After attending fashion school in Milan, Kiska quickly realised that industry wasn't for her but she still maintains a strong interest in textiles and craftsmanship. Her interest in tattooing was piqued after a trip to New Zealand and being exposed to their displays of tribal designs, ancient tattoo tools and pattern work.

After an apprenticeship in Milan, tattooing in various street shops as well as conventions in Italy and abroad, she moved to the south coast of the UK in 2015, joining us here in 2022.

Currently focusing on ornamental, floral and black and grey work she would also like to move towards pattern and black work as well as larger ornamental projects.

As well as tattooing, Kiska is also training in Goldsmithing while running a small independent jewellery brand.

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