Luke Jinks – Traditional Tattoo Artist

“Was nervous but Luke and the team here were so professional and friendly they put me completely at ease. Luke took the time to design a tattoo that met my requirements and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Already thinking about my next tattoo and can’t recommend these guys enough.” ~Tony Drew

“I got my tattoo done a couple of months ago as I was waiting for it to heal to post a review. It was my first tattoo and Luke Jinks was so professional and great about it! He started the tattoo by drawing a line, stopping, and reassuring me if I could handle the pain. Everything in the shop was very professional and I absolutely love my new tattoo.” ~Angel Mika

“I came here on Tuesday for my first tattoo with Luke and I am so happy with the results. I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while and I’m so happy I came here for it – the staff were super friendly and professional and I felt at ease as soon as I walked in.” ~Ramandeep Bassi

“Got tattood by Luke. He adapted his typical style for me to make something a little more feminine to cover an old tribal that I got 20 years ago. It turned out great! The tattoo healed perfectly, there’s no way you can tell it’s a cover-up and you can really see that the technical level of the tattoo is very high! I would recommend this place and Luke to all my tattoo loving friends.” ~Eva Kahan

Drawing influence from folk art and American imagery, Luke Jinks has been developing his traditional style since 2009 when he began tattooing under the guidance of Nick Baldwin. After moving to One Shot Charlies in Stourbridge, he joined Cloak and Dagger when it first opened it’s doors in 2013. Luke also enjoys tattooing Japanese and large scale Maori inspired pieces.

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