Animal Tattoo Meaning

Some people choose to honour or remember their pets through a tattoo. Some people just like to have a part of nature on their bodies. Some people ask to be tattooed with their spirit animal. Some animal tattoos have meanings. For example, a tiger and panther symbolize strength and power. A lion is commonly associated with courage and royalty. Butterflies are another very popular choice as they represent beauty, transformation and feminism. Some also believe that it is a sign of reincarnation. Spiders carry the message of death and rebirth. Scorpions symbolise death, sex, transition, control, protection and defensiveness. Dragonflies are often associated with dreams but also carry a message of prosperity, purity, good luck and harmony. Other popular animals include horses for power, grace, freedom and beauty. Foxes represent wisdom in Celtic lore. They also represent playfulness, cunningness and quick thinking.

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