Whilst there are many different methods for caring for a new tattoo we believe this is the best way to achieve a successful heal. Tattoo aftercare is the most important step of the tattooing process and by following the simple steps outlined below it will ensure you have a well healed tattoo that retains all of its original colour and detail without any premature ageing.


Firstly before you left the studio your artist will have cleaned and wrapped your new tattoo in cling film. You can remove this protective cover after 6 – 7 hours and gently wash the area by hand with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Once the area is clean and you’ve removed any excess ink from the area pat it dry with kitchen towel and apply a thin layer of Bepanthen, this is a nappy rash lotion that works wonders with keeping new tattoos moist and fresh.Recover the tattoo with cling film and continue to do this for how long your artist suggested, different areas of the body can take differing lengths of time to heal especially those areas which are in constant contact with clothing may need wrapping for a longer time until the area has settled.

Once the area no longer requires wrapping it is important to continue washing the tattoo with warm soapy water and applying a thin layer of bepathen to prevent it from drying out. The tattoo will then go through a period of peeling, this is nothing to worry about just keep it clean and moisturised throughout, afterwards you can start applying E45 or coca butter instead of bepanthen to keep it moist.

It is imperative to not pick or scratch your tattoo whilst its healing, it is also important not to expose it to direct sunlight or sunbeds whilst its healing as this can make the work fade at an alarming rate. Do not soak the area in a bath, swimming pool or any water during the healing process, it is ok to get it wet i.e. in the shower, but you should not submerge it in water for long periods of time.

So to recap…

– Remove cover after 6 – 7 hours and wash with antibacterial soap and warm water
– Pat dry with Kitchen towel and apply a thin layer of bepanthen.
– Recover and continue this process for at least 3 days.
– Continue washing and applying bepanthen after you have stopped covering you tattoo.
– After it has finished peeling you can apply E45 of cocoa butter as an alternative.
– Do NOT pick or scratch your tattoo
– Do NOT expose your tattoo to direct sunlight or sunbeds
– Do NOT soak in a bath, swimming pool or sea. Showering is best.
– Keep your tattoo clean at all times


We hope that you find our advice useful!