Kat Abdy – Neo Traditional Tattoo Artist

“Buzzard Tattoo – Upper Arm Thanks to Kat and the team for a great tattoo and a brill experience for my first, but not last, piece of work. I sat for 5 hours and totally enjoyed the whole thing. Kat has created an amazing buzzard tattoo and it looks the dog’s!!! I would recommended Cloak & Dagger to anyone who is looking to get a first tattoo or seasoned professionals. I love my tattoo more than coffee – and that’s saying something.” ~Richard Herne

Kat’s tattoo career began seven years ago at the Black Quill in Perth, Western Australia. She replied to an Apprenticeship ad and got the opportunity to learn from different artists. Over the years, she has developed an immensely unique Neo-Traditional style, drawing on the Greek Renaissance and using contrasting and limited colours to portray her dark subject matter.

Her talent as a tattooer is not only shown within each individual piece but is further supported through her strong social media presence. For Kat, Cloak and Dagger is a studio that will help her gain exposure as an artist and allow her to focus on her creativity. As a bonus she gets to work alongside great artists and continues to learn from them.

Kat focuses on the things that make her happy. She draws inspiration from these experiences as well as from meeting people from all walks of life. She’d love the chance to tattoo more animals.

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